Into The Woods

Cuddled on the quartz bedrock, my ears drown in the never-ending echo of crickets’ song. My gaze matched up with one of the little flies circling around my curls, oh how cute you are when you stop and look me in the eye, I think. The aroma of oak and pine trees bring me the rarest peace. The breeze gallops through the trees and soaks through my clothes. I sing my song and tell my stories to the sleeping circle of trees. The tears that escape release the weight, and the hardworking flies try and slurp up my sloppy tears. My vision dissipates and I let the magical darkness clear my head. I feel surrounded by butterfly fairies and their squirrel steeds. I venture through the grassy paths and find flowers I have yet to learn the names they’ve been given. I find Jordan at the end of the path searching for Lila. Even the forest, where time stops, holds good timing. Seed fluff sparkles and floats through the air as I follow Jordan on their way to their perfect shelter. Back at camp we eat chickens and taste Pawpaw for the first time. Every turn is magic. Even dark magic. My dreams are a terror, perhaps the land curses those that sleep on it? Waking up, I’m comforted by Connor’s Turkish coffee and the soothing blanket aroma of bacon. I am safe with these friends.

ailurophile era