Preparing for The Wild


The weather has been changing rapidly throughout the days of this week. The edges of the leaves are browning and my anticipation for the burning image of fall mountains is elevated. The change of seasons gives a limbo affect, like I am floating through space. Tucking myself into the forest with my cohort only seems right. A cleansing from social connection and devices. Being immersed in last weeks’ “relationship to place.”

I’m excited to be surrounded by the energy of animals and free growing plants. I want to find the calm sea from within my brain that was once a roaring storm. Waking up in the woods with different morning noises is always magical and grounding.  I’m nervous for trips of any sort, but I’m feeling especially transitional. I feel like I need to be lost from time and change up the rhythm of our day to day pace. Watching Proenneke reminded me of when I was little and I would create simple “House On The Prairie,” dialogue in my head. The playfulness that arises when left in the wild is a feeling I hope I’ll find this weekend.

ailurophile era