soil dwellers

Monday morning blankets us with cool air. It disappears quickly as Jordan, Luke, Lila, and I work together to install and strengthen our garden shed.

After having taken up a section of the cow pasture across from the PC house— the cow’s curiosity grew too grand and they circled around us. They butted their heads against our thighs as an introduction. That moment of connection with other learners on this property was the most special moment for me. I had yearned for familiarity between us (the cows and I ), and we (PC household )all got to open up the field (no pun intended) of communication on a peacefull fall Tuesday.

The air is sweet and the sun is getting ready for lunchtime. Looking out on all the fields, I see a rich green palette. This week we visited the sacred hemp plant to understand the powers it possesses. My knowledge of their soil restoration and carbon sequestration was void of existence until visiting Hudson Hemp. A study I am not surprised about, but also something I am not fully educated on. The healing powers and multi-usage of this plant have been stuffed down beneath pharmaceuticals and placebo practices. The fact that this generation gets to watch the empowerment of scientifically studied natural medicines and non-deforesting products is beyond important. Seeing that they used mycelium to replace foam packaging made me sad that it’s taken this long, too long, to figure out more sustainable ways. It furthers my love for the magical creative ways fungi can heal and fill so many needs in our country and oceans.

ailurophile era