Place Corps Friday Digest: Weaving

Katie Grove: The Wandering Basketmaker

Katie Grove: The Wandering Basketmaker

Our camping trip opened us further to finding deeper places of possibility within ourselves and our shared environment. We noticed the basket of learning that Place Corps is weaving, each individual's questions and insights like a beautiful root transforming into a twine. Perhaps a basket will be made which will grow to hold gifts to be shared outward.

We end this week deep in conversation about Climate Change asking what are the new responses we can have to conflict, what small and big changes can we work towards individually and collectively, and what are the conditions that can inspire acting for love?

Moving into next week, we need to think about completing the overwinter planting and determining what are the PC Emerge plans that support the vision of the regenerative homestead while also satisfying diverse learning interests.

Our word for the week is WEAVING. What are the roots that are making your basket? What new threads have you discovered? What are you planting that will become twine? What will your basket shape be? What will it hold? Who will have your basket when it is no longer yours?

"If you have time to chatter
read books
If you have time to read
Walk into the mountain, desert, ocean
If you have time to walk
Sing songs and dance"

Nanao Sakaki