Place Corps Friday Digest: Collaboration

Fall Scenes at Hudson Hemp

Fall Scenes at Hudson Hemp

We noticed the rolling hills are changing colors, hues of greens going yellow, and grays going lavender. The beauty enchants us and fills us with gratitude.

This week we were delighted to taste fermentations, share delicious homemade meals, visit regenerative hemp farms, open ourselves to discussing our values, read about contamination as a basis for collaboration across difference, learn about local currency, take a guided nature walk, deep-dive into documentation practices and purposes and ask more questions than we have answers for!

Moving into next week we begin tomorrow with a much-anticipated natural dye workshop! Janene Ping will be leading us through the wonders of what we find around us that become natural dye agents, and possibly a few folks will head to burgers after at Chaseholm Farms. The week ahead is full with activity including the hog and cow slaughter and Uprooting Racism with Soul Fire Farm and community.

Our word for the week is COLLABORATION. How have we been collaborating? How do we want to collaborate? With whom do we want to collaborate with? Why?

"Collaboration means working across difference. "

― Anna Tsing