Art Week #1

Week one of intentional art 

#1 Charlie by Charlie XCX

  • Yes, I like the project a lot

  • The first song “next level Charlie”  sets off the album with a very fast but stary tone.

  • The second song “gone” is incredibly repetitive but in a good way. This is the first song where we see Charlie utilize a voice effect that is almost metallic in nature, and it is phenomenal

  • The third song “Cross you out” has great use of heavy droning sounds, it’s like all the sounds of mainstream pop dialed up to 11 in a fantastically complete way and all that with the heavenly vocal performance from Charlie creates for a very hypnotic experience

  • “1999” is similar to fireworks in the sense that you go to see them and you’re disappointed every time. Point is I’m not a fan of this one, though it does fit into the flow of the album so points for that   

  • Listening to “click” as a stand alone song is not fun, but when it’s a part of the whole album then it’s actually pretty good

  • “Warm” 9/10 simple as that

  • “Thoughts”  is a nice middle for the album 

  • “Blame it on your love” feat Lizzo is such a fantastic rush on the album that picks up the slow pace of thoughts and gets you ready for the rest of the album

    “White mercedes” for the first time in the album puts and emphasis on the lyrics over the glamour pop music

  • “Silver cross” comes right out the gate with a  fantastic beat and soft but strong vocals over top

  • “I don’t wanna know” is mediocre and could not be on the album

  • “Official” is incredibly spacy, it is like you were on the ground for the whole album having a great time with your feet down and then suddenly you lift off and zero gravitating around like nobody's business 

  • “Shake it” is by far the most fun song on the album, and that metallic voice effect I was talking about earlier is used in full effect in this song and it makes me so damn happy

  • “February 2017” is a terrible low point of the project 

  • “2099” is also wack

All in all the album is fantastic and very consistent, the end is sub par and makes me wish for a more satisfying ending but still a solid project. 7.5/10

This week I watched the movie “Mid90s” written and directed by Jonah Hill. an absolutely fantastic film, I will be talking about it as well as the poem “we real cool” by Gwendolyn Brooks in my soon to be uploaded recorded short podcast of this week's art 

Up close and personal. A photo of a home. stimulus. Yellow. Orishas.

Up close and personal. A photo of a home. stimulus. Yellow. Orishas.

Gopal Harrington