Art Week #2

I couldn’t figure it out, something was calling to me, that much I could feel but I couldn’t place what it was even though it felt so familiar. I walked around this giant house trying to find the thing calling me, this house that was full of things like every museum in the world had fallen into this building. I was being pulled in one direction, whatever was calling me was this way. I was walking down this very long hallway with red carpets and red walls that were lined with paintings and hanging masks and baskets and then I found it a very large copper disc hanging on the wall. I was stunned, I was trying to figure out what were the properties of  the disc that when suddenly I felt my heart sink and I knew I hadn’t found it yet so my feet picked up and I kept moving. The calling got louder as if mad at me for not taking it more seriously, before I knew it I was jogging then I came to a turn and when my eyes whipped around the turn I saw something bright at the end of this hall. My body got hot in anticipation, my ears ringing, I was sprinting as fast as I could, falling over my own feet. Closer and closer, eventually I was close enough to recognize that it was a window, I was worried that without control over my body that I would run right through the window. I braced myself when my body suddenly stopped on a dime and I pressed right up against the window, It took a moment for my eyes to adjust but then I saw.

the-banquet (1).jpg
Gopal Harrington