invoking growth and prosperity

The full moon has come. The Jewish new year opened a door. Fall brings an opportunity to start again. We are in a new chapter of Earthly rhythms.

As our plant and animal allies are turning their energy inward to care for themselves and their communities in these colder times, I’m trying to practice the same. As I watch the leaves fall, I’m giving myself permission to experience a release— a release from the outward and buoyant energy of warmer months. My focus is pivoting inwards… softly unraveling the questions that have murmured in me for quite some time.

What are the practices/behaviors/ways of being that no longer serve me? What narratives can I release myself from? What are the practices/behaviors/ways of being I’d like to cultivate and nurture in this new year, new season, and most present iteration of my life? What are my gifts?

Somewhat organically, I found myself journaling about these questions… drawing maps and creating lists and writing poetry. I initially wrote the following thinking that my words are goals to be achieved post-Place Corps.. i.e. something to strive for, not something I yet have. Upon rereading my words, though, I’m seeing space and opportunity in my present life to recognize and embody all that I’m seeking. Peace is in every step, as Thich Nhat Hanh would say.

Anyway, here are some invocations/manifestations/wishes/goals/spells for this new beginning.

I humbly invite myself to…

  • become rooted in sacred, connected, anti-oppressive, radically-inclusive, spiritual and ritualistic community

  • wake daily with a mission to honor Earth and her strongest allies, to regenerate resources, to learn from frontline communities, and to follow the leadership of Black, Brown, Indigenous, & POC movement organizers

  • co-live with other beings and humans in spaces that are communally held, in synchrony with Earth’s rhythms, working to be in right-relation with land, and centered on compassion and shared power

  • surround myself with people who elevate, recognize, and appreciate my best self

  • seek resources that deepen my spiritual and embodied movement practices, connecting to source and intuition

  • participate in and support varied community-led movements towards decolonization and collective liberation via resource sharing, direct action, peer education, and political organizing

  • continue to deeply connect with Mother Earth and all of her more-than-human beings, in woods and rivers and mountains and farms

  • explore and honor the multidimensional health of my being through local foods, herbal/fungal medicines, body work, and traditional healing modalities

  • connect with my family, ancestry, and rich Jewish roots and traditions

  • exist in beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces cultivated with love and intention and celebration

  • experience financial stability and growth through fair compensation

  • continually expand my knowledges/wisdoms/skills in various continuing education opportunities

  • seek guidance from mentors and elders, growing capacities to ask for help

  • make lots of mistakes and lovingly embrace myself through it all

  • participate in varied cultural celebrations of art, music, performance, and ceremony

  • grow my capacities as a communicator, partner, leader, friend, co-conspirator, accomplice, gardener, and healer in my social, familial, and professional environments

  • prioritize self-love, self-exploration, self-care, and artistic self-expression


Lila Rimalovski