Entry #5

The Wilderness Trip

To sum up what I thought the wilderness trip was going to be like before it happened let me quote famous R&B artist D’Angelo when I say “shit, damn, motherfucker”. That being said, I had a really good time all in all. The following poem I wrote in the woods during my solo.

C.A.R  T.A.L.K.S

Isolated, yet my junction matches yours 

Titillated, yet my function matches your  

Hated, because of my imaginative spores

Incubated in the right time, right place

Nestled in the woodland paths warm embrace 

Kept away from the fire cause the fire hit my face

Independent to learn to let life be 

Little bit of chaos to learn to let things free

Instinct pressing up, trying to let it guide me

Kick rocks letting feet drag, mind wonders fast

Enter if you will, flint locke, tall grass

Yellow bird tells me to skip rocks and not let a minute pass

Out in the open and stunned by the moment 

Under the darkness just trying to hold it 

The wilderness trip was everything I needed and nothing I wanted. Sometimes you want what you need but you’re not sure how to get that and when you’re in the middle of the thing that will give you what you need you don’t recognize it. On this trip I recognized it and seeing that allowed me to actively step into edge zones that I originally had no intentions of stepping into. I would say that at the end of the day I still don’t like camping but now I have an experience that I’m very glad I can hold. I feel like I can start practicing what I preach instead of just preaching what preach.

Gopal Harrington