Entry #6

This week the weather reflected everything that happened in my life. The sudden cold appeared knowing full well that I wasn’t ready. The rain hit in spots, and teamed up with the cold to make the perfect storm. Today I stepped outside at around 7:30 AM to see that frost has struck turning the grass from green to white and turning the air from crisp to frigid. All this cold does allow for one nice thing, LAYERS – you never feel more comfy then when you’re wrapped in a million layers and warm in freezing temperatures. 

This week I moved at an unknown pace, slower than slow or at least it felt that way. Each movement I took felt like it needed infinite thought before it could be executed, this resulted in being tired and unprepared. This Friday that whole energy evaporated when I woke up and remembered that we were going to Soulfire which is essentially my version of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory except it’s not bad for my teeth. From the moment we arrived at Soulfire I felt so comfortable and at home, like the energy there was just embracing me tightly. We started off by sharing names and projects which was a very nice way to see why people were there, I was slightly thrown off by the overwhelming gap between the number of white people vs people of color. Every activity we did was very well facilitated and important, from a brief history of racism  in agriculture to assessing if the organizations we were apart of were being complacent to racism. Let's not even get into how good the potluck was, it was amazing I’ll leave it at that. So point is I think I’m ready to move to Soulfire. And I still love everyone in this a whole bunch so that’s good.

Gopal Harrington