Constant change has been meaning persistent possibilities to explore. Personal stories, synergies of engaging tension, balances within my body, the cool wind winding in. Needs growing within me and the things growing outside. This exploration seeks to listen deeply to the teachings of other life. It embraces that change is unending, and cyclical. Walking the dusty gravel to the roadside, uphill and cutting into the fields the way Martin led us once, it understands that the same path is never the same. 

The same solitude fills newly with flashes of color and a blend of mystery and identity. The plants and I are in new cycles of growth. They meet me differently and I them.

In this cyclical expansive time where history and prophecy meet, the exploring and searching to know and love feels like what Robin Wall Kimmerer writes in Braiding Sweetgrass, learning to “give your gifts and meet your responsibilities,” all over again.

Alessia Cutugno