Place Corps at One Fair: Dawn Breeze Sew-In


Co-founder Dawn Breeze and artist Rebecca Bray set up the first Sew-In Pop Up at the One Fair in Kingston, NY with Instar Lodge as part of a roving community sew in making reusable grocery bags, community connections, and creatives solutions to climate concerns.

Instar Lodge's pop up Sew-In began as a mother-son project to sew reusable grocery bags out of repurposed materials in response to overwhelming feelings about climate change. The project seeded an idea growing to be a roving, monthly Community Action Club beginning September 2019. Working in collaboration with local schools and community organizations, all Sew-In veggie bags are offered to the public by donation at local grocers.

Learn more about how you can be involved with the Community Action Club and Sew-In Pop Ups here!