Place Corps Friday Digest: Transition

Learning about bees with Menachem

Learning about bees with Menachem

We feel fall greeting us with cooler air, changing hues, and darker days. It's time to plant our cover crops and sew the new raised garden beds.

As we move into the autumn season what do we notice in us changing and what is repeating? What do our internal seasons feel like?

Our word for the week is TRANSITION. How are we moving into the future? How can we honor these memorable moments that are whole and yet feel between what we knew and what we will yet know? How do we stay present to notice the transitions? How do we let things go as we move forward?

We love watching the trees move through these seasonal states of transition; exposing their vulnerability, dropping their leaves, their cover, and baring their naked bodies to the stars and cold winters, trusting in their nature.

"People here are passionately engaged in trying to make the world a better place. But there is also a passionate commitment to the truth. And so I think the answer is to use that passionate commitment to the truth to try and turn it onto a better future for us all."
― Jonathan Haidt