Art week #4

Motherhood, Caregiver, Life giver. 

My life has evolved in so many ways since birth allowing me to Love, Hate, Cry, Laugh, Hurt, Heal Imagine, Create, Destroy, Believe, Hold, and Be. None of that would be possible without my Life giver. Her name is Kalyani. My soul chose to have her bring me into this world and that happened on March 24th 2001 In Miami Florida in my Grandmothers house. I hold infinite gratitude for the care that she gifted me. From the moment I was born to the moment that I’m writing this and every moment coming in my life I feel her Love and Protection surrounding me. In my life I’ve held Anger towards my Mother, some lasting Anger and some singular moments but even in those moments of raw emotions I still feel Embraced and Held by her Strength and Presence. I would not be the person I am today without my Mom, not just because she brought me here but because she helped shape me into the person that I’m very proud to be. I love you Ma. 

I call this one

“Clouds & My Mother’s Art Work

Gopal Harrington