3. September 3, 2019

I’ve been thinking this week about Abrah Dresdale’s ‘Life Sector Analysis.’ The different sectors she lays out - home, finances, artistic life, spiritual life, love life, career, physical health, family/friends/community - most of these are in flux for me at the moment. This year in many ways has been an investment in destabilization for the purpose of growth - for the purpose of discovering and practicing what moving from ‘sustaining’ to ‘thriving’ in many of these core areas of life. 

Watching The Moral Roots by Jonathon Haidt, I was struck by many of his points  - his characterization of the moralization of food in liberal spheres, for example, struck a particular chord in the work we are doing this year. But a passing phrase stayed with me today as I am settling into the new month here - ‘balancing stability and change’. 

After visiting a former (and possibly future) home over the long weekend, I am sitting deeply with the amount of effort and work it takes to find grounding in yourself to weather transitions and change. I am also recognizing the types of stability (both inner and outer) I want to create for myself to be able to adapt and flex in other areas of my life. I am noticing that each day this looks different - it may be calling my brother and walking along the farm road for 2 hours under the stars. It may journaling in the morning. It may be sitting and taking deep breaths at sunset. Each day is feeling different and tender and exploratory and grounding in unique ways.

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Martha Snow