Third Blog Post. September 5th. Thursday. Blog post #3

Sound the trumpets, I was finally able to get a coal with bow drill. After a few hours of retying my string, drilling, then retying by string, then drilling some more, I produced enough wood dust and heat to create my first bow drill coal. I didn’t worry about getting that far so I hadn’t prepared a very good tinder bundle and I ended up blowing it out without getting a flame. I will try more in the future but for now I’m moving on to focus on shelter building skills.

Returning to hard labor and co-living was a small challenge coming back from a long weekend at the beach. I have found that this week has been the busiest week yet, but I find that my productivity has increased tenfold. I deep-cleaned my room in my free time and enjoyed it! The ownership and responsibility gives me a sense of accomplishment not otherwise present when being told what to do. Maturity level up. 

There’s a definite shift in the weather. Tuesday was the first time I saw everyone’s winter coats and fall jackets when we bundled up for windy communications class outside. For me, the fall brings focus, clarity, and motivation for action. I find the cold to be grounding and enlivening for my spirit. I’m excited for more.

Luke Van Horn