Sixth Blog Post. September 26th. Thursday. Blog Post #6

Hello everyone. It is my honor and my duty to reflect on this past week through this medium. I will do so thus. As weeks go, this past one seemed to be one of the more calmer weeks. Though there were many special events, such as the hunting education course, seminar on local currencies, trip to Hudson Hemp, and a leadership workshop by Martha, I felt a tranquility throughout the week.

The hunting education course was fascinating both as a lesson on hunting and as an anthropological study. The culture of hunting was not something I had experienced very much before and Sophia and I had many adventures. The instructors were who you’d expect: aging boomers making constant references to the absurdity of pc culture and sexual harassment training. While the audience was also mostly comprised of this stereotype, I was surprised by the effort of inclusion made by some of the instructors. The day consisted of various safety precautions and ended with practicing shooting with shotguns. It was a blast. Although the day began with wary looks from the instructors, it ended with Sophia and I staying later than anyone else, discussing hunting philosophies, ecological processes, and exchanging recipes for venison.

I’m looking forward to the winter. I have slept for weeks in igloos and I’m excited to try again. First though, I will be foraging autumn’s supply of tubers. This week I’ll try to find a meals worth of food. Check in next time to see how it goes! Will I sit contentedly rubbing my bulging stomach? Will my poor belly ache from hunger? Will I lie dead, poisoned by my own folly? Find out next time on Luke Van Horn and the Quest for the Flame: Part Two

Luke Van Horn