Tenth Blog Post. October 31th, 2019. Thursday. Blog Post #10


Communication is primitive technology. There you go, Maya. In all serious, I have found this statement to ring true in the months living with seven other housemates. When I applied for this program, I didn’t realize what a feat that is and how much effort it takes. But looking at the work we’ve accomplished as a group, it’s no wonder to me why our ancient ancestors were not solitary creatures. Simply put, people work better in collaboration than alone, although it requires some communication to keep things running. In the past year or so, I have found it difficult to speak my mind and act in accordance, while trying to be as kind a person as I can be. However, over the past few months and over the past week talking with Maya, I have come to realize that I value honest, direct communication and that when employed is more kind and compassionate to others around me than sugar coating my words. I think that direct communication paired with self awareness and a helping attitude is the way that I can achieve a balance between being compassionate and doing what feels good for me.

Tanning hides is also primitive technology. I recently procured a “dryscraper” from Josh Wood at Flying Deer where I have been helping out with their kindergarten program. I have currently scraped off the membrane and the following fibrous layers of around half of the hide. The scraper dulls very quickly as hides are quite tough, so I’ve been trying to sharpen it on a smooth stone I found. I’m looking forward to the following steps (braining).

Finally, I am proud of the work done in building the garden shed with Paul. We were about to install a new ridge cap onto the roof when I brought up the possibility of making one from reclaimed corrugated metal. We ended up easily our own, saving money and minimizing our environmental impact. We are nearing the end of the process and I truly had a wonderful time building it and working with everyone. I have learned a tremendous amount.

Luke Van Horn