Entry #2

I didn’t have too many notable or mentionable thoughts about the reading this week. My overall experience this week had me very invested in the activities. On Tuesday morning we had the workshop that was organized and ran by Martha, in this time we wrote and spoke about our own personal timelines/life story’s; this did a very good job of connecting the group in a new way, it allowed me to share some very hidden pieces of me and fell comfortable doing it. Later in the day i had my independent communications meeting with Maya which was incredibly helpful and needed. after that i had another meeting with maya, the meetings were about very different topics but they share the same descriptors.

Wednesday we started off as a group with maya and a meeting around conflict resolution. We dove into what each of our traits are when it comes to conflict and in this conversation i felt slightly uncomfortable because the different personality’s people were claiming and finding felt to me as very contextual. The language around “arguing” and “debating” needed to be clarified or changed because i sensed a lot of unspoken negative connotations. Later in the day we participated in a tracking class which was incredibly informative and the instructor made it easy enough to understand. the best part of tracking was that it brought out of me a spur of the moment Australian accent.

Thursday was building day, a day that I look forward to every week. I love my pod and I love working with them, we got so much done which might be due to some members of the pod being a touch competitive (mostly myself). We got three of our four walls up and I’m excited for the last. That night we had some of the farm apprentices and farmers over for a potluck dinner and it went fantastically well. We have made great connections and plan on having future potlucks and we can only hope they go as well.

Friday we had our group lunch and we found out what our work opportunity’s were and then we had to decide on the spot what it was we were doing, i didn’t love the way that was handled but it is what it is and I’m sure it’ll work out.

My investment in this house has evolved to investment in my home and my family and my education and this last week really showed that to me.

Gopal Harrington