WHO are we?

We are a joint initiative of the Good Work Institute and Hawthorne Valley Association. Both organizations share missions to nurture and create regenerative work, to help build a future where all life thrives.

WHY take a Gap Year?

Students who take a Gap Year gain hands-on life experience, gain clarity on who they are, and build meaningful relationships. By the way, research shows a majority of students who take a Gap Year graduate in four years and are more satisfied with their careers. Learn more!

WHERE is Place Corps?

Our campus is on the Hawthorne Valley 900-acre BIodynamic farm in Ghent, NY. Learning takes place throughout the Hudson Valley Bio-Region. 

WHEN is Place Corps? 

Our first cohort begins July 2019 and runs through May 2020. 

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How much does Place Corps COST?

We are tuition based. The cost of the program is $26,000, room & board is $11,000.

However, we work to ensure all accepted applicants can attend without financial barrier. We are offering up to full need-based scholarships when applicable.


What SIZE is Place Corps? How big will the cohort be?

We are accepting 12 participants, ages 18-25, this year. Participants must be 18 by the beginning of the program (JULY 2019). Our cut off age for the application is 25; you can still apply if you turn 26 during the program.

What is the CAMPUS like? 

Participants will be living in and building on a student designed eco-campus, including various styles of green architecture (Adobo, EarthShips, Tiny Houses and more). The campus begins with the original existing property, an 1800’s farm house.

What should I pack?

Participants are encouraged to pack lite for all weather. The first month participants will be camping at Omega Institute. Participants should have suitable clothes for rain, farming, hiking, bathing, the hot and cold—but remember it needs to fit in the tent! Place Corps encourages participants to bring a laptop, a journal, and a good attitude—and that’s about it!

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Are there REQUIREMENTS to apply?

We welcome students with non-traditional learning experience, and ask for a learning portfolio. Traditional students are asked to submit unofficial school transcripts and or a GED.

What is the APPLICATION? When is it DUE?

We accept applications on a rolling basis. Our application is a simple form to fill out on our website, accompanied by transcripts and a personal reference.


We are unable to honor deferments as we accept a small cohort by design each year.


We work on a case by case basis to determine best methods to support participants needs. We cannot promise refunds for the program for any reasons at any time.


What SUPPORT is offered during the program?

The program is co-living on a working farm campus which includes physical rigor. We are prepared to offer limited social-emotional support throughout the program.

However, we are not equipped to accommodate high need indviduals at this time. 

OUTCOMES? What will I leave Place Corps with?

Glad you asked! Students leave Place Corps with a work portfolio which demonstrates their learning, including their practicum projects developed with partnering organizations and mentors. Graduating participants will be included into the Good Work Institute’s Network of Professionals in the Hudson Valley.

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